Chinese Actuarial Network UK

China is standing at an increasingly important position in today’s economical and financial market. Many financial professions in China are growing at a faster speed than they have ever been at – Actuarial Profession is one of those amongst the top. The rapid increase in the awareness, appreciation and demand of the actuarial professionals in China has attracted hundreds and hundreds of talented Chinese individuals. Many of them have chosen to study the reputable actuarial science courses in the UK, or/and to start/develop their career as an actuary here. Over the last decade, the number of Chinese actuarial practitioners in the UK has been increasing rapidly. To build a platform for Chinese actuarial professionals and students (potential actuaries) in the UK to liaise, and make full use of the opportunities this fascinating growing time has to offer, we felt the necessity of creating the Chinese Actuarial Network. Another top initiative of ours is to advise and support Chinese students who are studying in the UK and wanting to become actuaries. Almost all of us have experienced the post graduation panic and the pain of searching for the perfect career, especially in a foreign country. Then the stress, frustration, and happiness caused by the actuarial exams pre-qualification. Therefore, top of our agenda, we aim to share our experiences, to organise academic and social events, and to help Chinese organisations and students in the UK.