Opportunity to become a new committee member of CANUK

If you would like to be involved with the operation of CANUK and support our members, please carefully consider this great opportunity to join CANUK’s committee.

The election process is outlined below:

Application must be submitted to the CANUK Committee by 23.00 BST Friday 30th October 2015. We will not consider applications submitted later than this specified date and time. Email: CANUK@chineseactuary.org

Note: You will need to get recommendations from two of the existing CANUK Committee Members. (They are: Feifei Zhang, Yan Liu, Ji Yao, Haijing Wang, Susan Yang, Maggie Meng, Steven Yu, William Wu, Atong Mu, and Xie Wan.)

Details of what you should include in your application can be found here.

Rules of the election

  • Applicants shall be recommended by two existing Committee Members.
  • Applicants shall submit a short bio and a brief commitment letter to the Committee.
  • Each existing Committee Member can recommend up to three new Committee Members.
  • New Committee Members shall be elected by the existing Committee Members.
  • Each existing Committee Member can elect multiple new Members (no maximum cap) from the recommendation list.
  • Candidates who receive more votes will be elected as new Committee Members. In case that more than one candidate receives equal number of votes, the new President has the right to decide who shall be accepted as the new Committee Member.